International Cups

International Cups
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The prestigious international cups are the highest tier of tournaments available in Total-Football where the best teams from around the world compete against each other. the two tournaments are called League of Glory (LOG) and Super League (SL).

Qualification to the international cups

The League Of Glory (Aka LOG) will contain the Champion of each country and the Runner-up (2nd place) in the primary league of the previous season.

The Super League (Aka SL) will contain the National Cup holder of each country and the 3rd place in the primary league of the previous season. 

In case the same clubs qualifies for both tournaments - the 4th place in the league will earn the SL spot. In case of abandoned clubs (inactive managers) - we'll give the qualification to the next club, and so on. These tournaments will include only active clubs.

Group Stage

As of the first season of the International Cups, Both tournaments start with 4 group of 5 clubs each (2 clubs from the same country can't be in the same group). Each clubs plays 4 matches, one time only against each opponent in the group (2 home, 2 away). As more countries are opened this structure will change accordingly.

Knockout Stage

At this stage there will be one match between the clubs in a neutral stadium. The ticket revenues will split 50%-50%. There will be no Home Stadium Advantage. Unlike the group stage, when the 90 minutes end in a draw there will be 30 minutes of extra time and if there is still no winner, penalties. The winner of each stage will advacnce to the next stage until the champions are crowned.

Additional Revenues

League of Glory

Group Stage: $150,000 for each point.

Quarter Final Win: $3,000,0000

Semi Final Win: $6,000,0000

Final Win: $12,000,0000

Super League

Group Stage: $75,000 for each point.

Quarter Final Win: $1,500,0000

Semi Final Win: $3,000,0000

Final Win: $6,000,0000


The team's participating will get additional bonuses per game according to their chosen sponsor. Similiar to the National cups, these matches don't count in the sponsor's contract length.

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