Game Intro

Game Intro
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So, what's going on?

With the registration process, you begin your coaching career

In the next step of the registration, you will create your club.

You will be able to choose a name for your club, stadium, to choose a logo and kit to identify your club.

After that, you will choose your 18 players, the 18 players who will begin with you the career of your club.

From the moment you enter the shoes of the coach, you are in charge of training and managing the club at the same time - from the sale and purchase of players, training program, contact with sponsors, determining line-ups, management games and much more. You can read more about each element below.

Each season lasts 91 days (13 weeks) during which you will have 22 league, cup and maybe international fixtures - if you will reach the high racks.

You manage your club's games in real time. Each game takes about 35 minutes, twice a week, Tuesday (20:00 - GMT + 3) and Saturday (12:00 - GMT + 3). Cup games are played on Thursdays (20:00 - GMT + 3). Each change that you make in the game will affect your game in real time.

During the week there are a few events that repeat themselves:

  • Economic update - once a week, the salaries of your players, staff, stadium maintenance and the Youth Academy are paid. A painful day for everybody.

  • Academy update - If you decide to choose to set up an academy, you can promote one of three players to the senior club, and thus actually make it your player. Once a week the three players change their level depending on the level of your academy.

  • Daily training - Every day (except for game days and rest days - the day after the game, according to your choice), the club is trained according to your training program.

  • In training, the players can work on abilities, skills, fitness (which determines the quality of their actions in the game) and physical fitness (determines the rate of recovery and the ability to play/practice at high intensity).

  • In training, unfortunately, players can also get injured. This can happen in a combination of high aggressiveness and low morale of the players, too high-intensity training for players with too little stamina or just bad luck.

  • Fan Store - If you set up a fan shop, once a day you will receive a report from the fan store about how many items (shirts and scarves) have been sold and how much revenue has been added to the club's bank account.

  • Stars update -  Once a week, the number of stars that represents the players quality in each positions will be recalculated. The stars represent their suitability for the position according to their capabilities and abilities. The maximum is 5 stars.

Club management

Once you have selected the staff, you will receive your new group with a number of properties available to you:

  • $5,000,000 in the bank - with this money you can buy players, pay salaries and a start building your club’s assets, such as the youth academy and stadium.

  • A stadium with 4,000 seats - you will be able to increase the seats amount whenever you want, but please note - with each upgrade to the stadium, the next upgrades will become more expensive.

  • 1,000 club fans - the fans are the heart of the club, and if they are not satisfied, your club will lose morale and money from match tickets.

There are a number of other properties you can earn and purchase:

  • Youth Academy - You can raise young players in the youth academy. The home players in the game have great meaning. Fans love them very much and they will always to their best for their home club.

  • The academy is not cheap for construction and maintenance, and investing in it also requires weekly small amounts of money for upkeep.

  • Sponsors - sponsors will support your club financially. As success increases and your club more well known, you will be exposed to better sponsors.

  • Staff - You will have to choose your staff one by one. At each level (out of 5) there is a bonus you will receive from the relevant staff member who will improve their contribution to your club.

  • If you fire a staff member during the season, you will have to pay him compensation equal to 8 weekly salaries. In the first 14 days of each season, firing a staff member will not cost you money, so take it into consideration.

Here we go...

In the beginning, we recommend avoiding large expenses and focusing on learning the game and its dynamics, your squad and the transfer market.

To learn the game we recommend going through the whole guide to get some knowledge about the basic concepts of the game, start playing and don't be afraid to make mistakes. In the forums, you will find both the staff of the game and veteran managers who will be happy to help you take the first steps and make important decisions.

We encourage players to learn while playing and review your player's data. Each player has his own DNA - character, abilities, skills, height, potential and more. We recommend reading the chapter on players to better understand how to get the most out of your players, they are the ones who can lead your club to glory!

With regard to the transfer market, we recommend using forums to get an estimate of your players value or the players you want to buy or sell. There are clubs that make their money from trading players, and sometimes an offer that looks great can prove to be a bad one on the long run.

For the start, we recommend hiring basic professional staff, not higher than level 2. Notice the bonuses of the staff members - some of them can be critical at some point. Manage your money and risks wisely and do not make unnecessary expenses by hiring the wrong staff member and then lay them off  soon after.

How do you make money in the game?

Each club has several sources of income:

  • Selling Match Tickets - tickets for home and cup games. The number of tickets you sell is influenced by the number of fans you have (and your opponent), their mood, the quality of the game (an important game? Less important ?High level league? Lower level one?), And much more.

  • Placement Grants - At the end of each season, all clubs receive placement grants according to the final table rank and league level.

  • Sponsors - Sponsors have different offers that can be tailored to specific situations. Check out the sponsors with whom you sign, make sure you can meet their bonus goals and do not miss an opportunity to sign with a good sponsor.

  • Selling players - this is also a way to make money. Purchase good players at a relatively cheap price and resell them at a higher price. On the other hand, you can try to establish an academy, with the hope that you will succeed in creating a player with high potential for development and sell it for a nice amount of money.

  • Fan Store - in the fan store you can sell your player's shirts and scarves of the club. At the end of each day, you will receive a report from the fan store about the number of items sold and the amount that went into the club's bank account. Once your club enjoys high achievements and popularity, the store can become a significant revenue center that generates a solid profit.

  • Other achievements - beyond the league, there are also national tournaments (such as the cup) and international tournaments where ticket prices are higher and grants are received for additional achievements, for example - reaching the quarterfinals of the local cup.

  • In addition, the top scorer of each league also earns his club a monetary bonus at the end of each season.

  • Random donation - do not build on it as a game strategy, but from time to time an anonymous donor who sympathizes with your club may contribute you not a bad amount of money at all. Yes, that happens too.

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