The National Cup

The National Cup
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In every country you go to, the national cup is always the most exciting and surprising. Sometimes in one game things can happen that are unlikely to happen in an entire season, and there is no doubt that magic can happen.

National Cup in Total-Football

In total football the trophy is played with the knockout method - one game between two teams, the winner continues and the loser is eliminated.

If 90 minutes have not been decided, 30 minutes of an extra time will be added.

If at the end of extra time if the match is still tied, the two teams will go to penalty shootout.

Stadium: The match will always be played in the largest stadium between the two teams.

Accordingly, the cup game has no home advantage for the host team.

Final Match: will be played in one of the 5 biggest stadiums of that country.

Ticket prices

The ticket price for the audience in the cup game is $ 80.

In the semi-finals, the price of the ticket costs $ 90, and in the final match, the price will be $ 100.

Ticket revenues will always be distributed equally between the two teams, regardless of the amount of the crowd or level of the league.

Awards & Grants

The winning team will bring home the trophy, but there are also money prizes waiting for the other teams that reached the late stages.

The team that wins the cup, beyond the gamble of ticket sales, will bring in $ 2,500,000.

The team that loses the final (2nd place) will receive $ 1,250,000.

The teams eliminated in the semifinals (3-4 places) will receive $ 600,000 each.

The teams eliminated in the quarter-finals (places 5-8) will receive $ 300,000 each.

The teams who were eliminated in the eighth round (places 9-16) will receive $ 100,000 each.

There is also a bonus for the team that will play the tournament's top scorer - $ 250,000.

If there are multiple players with the same amount of goals, the prize will be divided between the teams.

(Translation: Niv Ziv & Dohake )

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