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The players in Total-Football are a very complicated being.

Each player has many different parameters that makes his unique DNA.

Here is a quick explanation:

Basic parameters - these are fixed parameters that the player was born with.

Abilities - has a certain potential, the player will need to train in order to reach that potential.

Attributes - these include mental attributes, skills, physical attributes and hidden attributes.

Basic Parameters

The basic parameters are fairly straightforward and operates similarly to the real life.


Every player has his own birthday once a season.

The older the player is, the harder it will be for him the keep his abilities, stamina and physical attributes at a high level.

The age parameter has a hidden regression attribute, this is the age in which the player will start losing his abilities, this usually happens between age 25 to 28, but could also be higher, this mainly depends on the player's physical condition throughout his career, the amount of matches he participated in and the number of injuries he suffered. you might be able to spot that a player has started regressing if you see he is having a hard time maintaining high stamina, and start to drop ability levels.


The taller the player is, the more likely he is to win aerial duels.

However, short players are more efficient while dribbling.

Preferred FootMost players prefer to use either their right foot  or their left , only a few of them can use both feet effectively.
TPIThis is a numerical number that represents the overall quality of the player.

Each player has between 2 to 4 traits. Some are positive, some are negative, and some are neutral. some traits are considered super traits (very rare).

These traits will affect your player's behaviour on the pitch, in training and in the team's locker room. 

The strength of these effects is modified by the player's morale, his reputation in the team and the traits of the other players in the squad.

You should try to use a captain with mostly positive traits.

Playing Position

Shows in which position the player will perform the best.

This is calculated by a combination of abilities and attributes, and the better the player gets in those, the better he will perform in his position.

His playing ability in each position will be marked by a star rating of between 0 stars and 5 stars.


All players start with 0 experience.

The more games the player participate in, the more experience he will gain. when a player get more experienced, his skills improve (also depends on ambition).


This is the player's current mood.

This affects the player's mental attributes and generally on his performance on the pitch and also has some effect on the abilities improvement progress.

You can check the Player's Diary to see what are the factors that currently affects his mood.

Negative factors include: injuries, losses, selling a teammate with high sinergy and general negative events.

Positive factors: wins, team achievements, personal achievements, new contract, and general positive events.



How physically ready the players is to playing a match.

You can allow players to rest after a match so they can recover more quickly.

The condition recovery mostly depends on his stamina.

Condition drops during games and raises while resting (a lot) and while training (a little).



The overall physical condition of the player, very important in the long term.

This affects the physical attributes of the player.

Additionally, high stamina will help the player regain their condition faster after games, it is also vital if the players are expected to train intensively, and if you want to press your opponent during a match.

Stamina goes up while doing fitness sessions and goes down a bit when the player playing a match, but goes down faster when he is not participating in matches. the stamina will also drop after an injury.



How popular is the player (determined by his achievements).

Popular players gain fans more easily.

Popularity goes down each week, but every positive achievement in game will increase the player's popularity, while negative achievements will decrease it.

The popularity is relevant to the league level the player plays in, a player with 100% popularity in a level 1 league will be more popular than a player with 100% popularity that play in the 2nd league level.

(0 - ~)

The number of fans the player has accumulated during his career.

If a player is leaving his current team, some of his fans will follow him to his new club and will become fans of that club, they will also purchase the player's merchandise from the club's shop.

The fans are affected by the player's popularity. 

Team Reputation

The player's current state in the team's locker room, the higher it is, the stronger the player's traits affect in the locker room will become.

Team reputation is calculated by the amount of time the player has spent in the club, his achievements with the team, his traits, popularity and more.

Global Reputation

The player's worldwide reputation. to earn such reputation the player will need to perform well in international fixtures such as the international cups and the World Cup.


Represents the nation in which the player was born.  The player will only be allowed to play for the national team of this country.

As long as the player is playing in a league in the country he was born in, he is not considered a foreign player.

If the player is playing in a league of a country different from the country he was born in, he is considered a foreign player. A club in Total-Football can only have 7 foreign players in it's squad. These 7 players can all play in the lineup simultaneously. 

A foreign player might also experience difficulties settling in a club outside of his home country, this depands mainly on his adaptability rating.


Other than parameters, the players has a certain abilities set (Shooting, Heading etc.) and a set of attributes (Mental, Physical, Skills and Hidden)

The players has a rating of between 0 and 20 for each of these.

The abilities can be trained in order for the player to reach his potential in the specific ability (each ability has its own potential for each player).

For example, a player has the potential to reach level 10 in shooting and level 12 in heading, but, there are a number of elements that could help the player reach even higher abilities than his potential suggests, more on than in the Training section of the guide.

Outfielders: all the outfielders are using all of their abilities and attributes in game, even in a certain ability is not marked as important when determining the quality of the player, for example, "Tackling" isn't considered important for forwards, but a forward with high tackling can steal the ball from the opponent's defence more effectively than a forward without high tackling.

Goalkeepers have a unique set of abilities and attributes that is different from outfielders.

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